temperature monitoring


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Can someone recommend me a decent (free) application to monitor the temperatures of all my key components?

Is there such a thing?

Thanks :)


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hmm well it depends what motherboard you have really, different motherboards have different amounts of sensors on them. If you have a new Asus motherboard they have software that comes on the disc that will allow you to track temps. Otherwise use cpu-z and gpu-z to monitor cpu and gpu temps. I have another program instaklled but for the life of me cant remember at the sec, will look it up later.


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Personally I like to use asus probe II, (comes with mobo disk) allows you do monitor temps, change fan profiles without going into the bios. Also several utilities that take advantage of whatever asus mobo you have.

Also gpu z for gpu temps, I tried HWmonitor, but came loaded with spam, lol maybe the place i downloaded it from i dunno.