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Hey guys/gals, it's been a while.

Anyway, I've been really enjoying my PC, hasn't been a game out that I haven't been able to put on high settings etc.

However I'm becoming quite alarmed at my temperatures. Now I know tonight is a particularly hot one but it is something I expect more of as we move into summer.

Basically I started to play some Rift and within about 2 minutes my CPU temperatures were hitting the 80's. Nothing has gone pop which is good but It does worry me. I have the eco water cooler thing and I expect it to be much better at keeping temperatures low...

Couple of things...

Is this "safe" operating temperature? (what is the max temp for the i7-930?)

Is there a problem with my water cooler? Numbers are implying its under-performing and on hot evenings I could really do without my pc acting as a radiator.


Any help is much appreciated.