Thank You Gift


Just had a look at my inbox a moment ago and saw an email from PCS, in the email they said "Thank You" for purchasing a pc from them and in return, they are giving me a free SSD! THANK YOU PCS!!!!!

Just got to claim my free SSD Thank You gift from PCS!!! Any else managed to claim theirs?

Share it here! :D

Here's a printscreen of the email received along with seeing it in the specs as said in the instructions:




haha, I certainly don't play by rules well.

This is indeed an april fools prank. This is what happens from boredom when you're waiting for CAD renderings to process :D

No collaboration here or whatsoever :p and certainly did not get done in by PCS lol


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In that case I love it :p the email especially.

I will admit though for a couple seconds I did think "Awwww what?! Why didn't I get an email... ah wait"


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Sorry Teaz, I did enjoy it! :D

If the 1st had been a work day, you'd be damn sure i'd have spent a good few hours doing something similar myself :) As it is, being a bank holiday and all, I couldnt possibly spare the time :D