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The 17.3" Optimus VIII Review


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My intention when I bought this PC would be one that would last me at least 5 years. I mainly wanted to study DVD courses but also wanted to be able to game. I specifically wanted to be able to run PUBG at a playable level.

Chassis & Display Optimus Series: 17.3" Matte Full HD IPS LED Widescreen (1920x1080) The chassis is very understated which I like. It's smart but doesn't look as powerful as it is inside. It's a nice big screen. PUBG looks good on it. I haven't used the built in speakers. The keyboard works fine but I use a separate gaming keyboard. The trackpad works but I use a mouse.
Processor (CPU) Intel® Core™ i7 Quad Core Processor 7700HQ (2.8GHz, 3.8GHz Turbo) The laptop runs fast/smooth at everyday stuff. In PUBG I get between 35-70fps. (35 is rare it is mostly around the 45-60 mark. It is consistently playable)Temps are 55C right now and go upto 70-80C in PUBG. (I don't know if it's actually hit 80 before but it sometimes gets to the high 70s) I also play UT4 and it runs well and temps are similar. Playing Paragon for some reason tends to get the temps hotter(low 80s iirc)
Memory (RAM) 8GB Corsair 2133MHz SODIMM DDR4 (1 x 8GB) I looked into this and can't find a definitive answer as to how much performance improvement I'd get with an extra 8GB RAM. (There is 1 slot free). It would be around £60 more and although there is room for improvement in PUBG like I say it is more than playable already so I'm in no hurry.
Graphics Card NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1050 Ti - 4.0GB GDDR5 Video RAM - DirectX® 12.1I've already covered gaming performance but in terms of temps its 35C now and again gets up to similar temps as the CPU. The mobo temps are generally similar to CPU temps. I don't know if it's the GPU fan or CPU fan (or both, or a different fan)
but it gets very loud when gaming which is fine for me as I have a headset. It is quiet now at low level activity.

M.2 SSD Drive 256GB SAMSUNG SM961 M.2, PCIe NVMe (up to 3100MB/R, 1400MB/W)It's fast. I'm normally one of the first 5 people to load into PUBG.
External DVD/BLU-RAY Drive 8x Slim USB 2.0 External DVD-RW There is no internal CD Drive
Memory Card Reader Integrated 6 in 1 Card Reader (SD /Mini SD/ SDHC / SDXC / MMC / RSMMC)Works fine
Bluetooth & Wireless GIGABIT LAN & WIRELESS INTEL® AC-8265 M.2 (867Mbps, 802.11AC) +BT 4.0Works fine
USB Options 1 x USB 3.0 PORT (Type C) + 2 x USB 3.0 PORTS + 1 x USB 2.0 PORTWorks fine
Operating System Genuine Windows 10 Home 64 Bit - inc DVD & Single Licence
DVD Recovery Media Windows 10 (64-bit) Home DVD with paper sleeve
Anti-Virus BullGuard™ Internet Security - Free 90 Day License inc. Gamer ModeThis is handy. 1 quarter of a year.
Warranty 3 Year Silver Warranty (1 Year Collect & Return, 1 Year Parts, 3 Year Labour)
Dead Pixel Guarantee 1 Year Dead Pixel Guarantee Inc. Labour & Carriage Costs
Insurance 1 Month Free Laptop Insurance inc. Accidental Damage & Theft
Build Time Standard Build - Approximately 11 to 13 working days
Total Order Price £1,059.00

Production Dates
Processed Date 28-07-2017
Pre-Production Date 01-08-2017
Build Date 07-08-2017
Test Date 07-08-2017
QC Date 10-08-2017
Awaiting Dispatch Date 10-08-2017
Dispatch Date 10-08-2017

As you can see it took just under 2 weeks as expected.It is helpful to see the laptop passing through the stages as my order updates on the website. I would say to anyone buying from PCSpecialist to keep an eye on this so you know when to expect delivery.

Who Worked on This Order?
Built By K. Jackson
Tested By L. Rose
QC'd By G. Heller
Packed By L. Shields

Thankyou K. Jackson, L. Rose and G. Heller. The laptop seems very well built and I've had it running PUBG for many hours at a time so it is definitely upto the task.

Thankyou L. Shields. The laptop was carefully packed and was undamaged when I received it.

Overall I am very pleased with the laptop. I ordered a gaming PC from PCSpecialist in 2006/2007 and it is still running now. For this particular spec PCSpecialist were cheaper and had more comprehensive customisation options than pretty much anyone else.

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Stephen M

Good review, glad you are happy with the laptop. When the 90 days of Bullguard (that would be a good movie title) runs out you could try Avast, it is a free anti-virus and as good as the paid for stuff.


A very well written and helpful review. Thanks for submitting!

+rep well deserved and given. :)

Stephen M

Thanks for the reminder ubuysa, albeit unwitting, I thought I had forgotten something when I put my post up but now rectified with a rep for luktho78. I had better give you a rep as well for reminding me :)



You can't upgrade the CPU or the GPU on the huge majority of laptops. Even where the parts are removable by the user, which they're not on the Optimus, there's never any guarantee future gens of component will be compatible.

Do you own one? Why necro a 2 yera old topic? :)