The Coolermaster CM Storm Sniper Case? & couple help Qs :)


I wanted to know if anyone had purchased the coolmaster cm storm sniper gaming case before as i just wanted abit more indepth images of it then on the site lol since i the case but wasnt quite sure on the insides tidyness compared with The Corsair Graphite Series� 600T inside epic clean slick tidyness lol as i cant seem to see anyone that has a build for that case yet in the forums. would be great if anyone had one for show :)

Also another question is an OC pc im considering to purchase :) are PCSpecialist able to overclock a cpu, im considering a i7 950 which has the 3.06GHz but can be overclocked to 3.8GHz and if it was possible would the pc cpu be running full 3.8GHz everytime the pc is turned on?

Next Q is the 6gb 2000mhz kingston ram. thinking of a near future upgrade of an extra 6gb ram of the same type but isit wiser or better to get it by the 3x 2gb or 3x 4gb for the complete 12gb? the extra 6gb will also be 2000mhz hyper x.


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There are quite a few cable routing holes so yes it will be tidy inside. If you ordered an overclocked PC and they managed to take it to 3.8ghz (each chip is different, might only get it up to 3.6ghz) then it would run at 3.8ghz all of the time. It would be better to get the 4GB modules so that you can sustain a higher overclock, having 6 modules will make getting to 3.8ghz more difficult.

Here's an in-depth review of the storm sniper: