The fettling has begun


Any news on delivery expectation of the corsair LCD screen?
No, nothing yet, just checked on my account on Corsair, and this is what it says



No its pretty much finished now (for the time being), I do have a packet of combs that i've got to install to tidy the cable management in the side that no one sees.

I've also got one of the new corsair pump screens on order

Oh cool. I saw those screens mentioned in a tech news a while ago then forgot about them being a thing, as I do. Let us know how that works out, you might have me wanting one. For now I've still to buy and install the cable kit from a few weeks back and figure out a way to customise my desk (2 tier on top) to have more levelled up to the higher tier so as to fit my case, as with doggos and winter coming at some point I don't feel good about it being under the level of the desk top anymore.