The Great RTX 3060ti Wait and Delivery Thread


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Now awaiting dispatch! Testing took around 2 days for me, including quality control so really not too bed considering how long stress tetsing can take. Does that mean I am likely to receive the PC tomorrow - I imagine it's out of the question that I will receive it today?
No such thing as same day delivery I'm afraid.


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Not long until I get this brand new 3060ti build - took me ages for them to come back in stock. Massive upgrade from the heap I currently run - GT710, very outdatted and not fit for purpose.


I got the timed delivery before 2pm Mon-Fri, just received an email saying it has been dispatched and will be arriving tomorrow! Very happy! Building/testing/dispatch took 3/4 working days for anyone wondering :)
DPD were very good as well, received an email last night saying I would receive it by 12pm, got an email this morning giving my hour slot and it arrived during that time. I want to thank everyone at PCSpecialist who worked on my PC, and to everyone on the forums for getting my impatient self through the last month! :)
How is it looking currently? I am joining the club with a RTX 3060TI and a Ryzen 7 5800X, but I am still on day 10 of pre-production T_T



Today is WD 20 for me, so the guys/girls are doing a phenomenal job!... Especially with some a month or 2 ago waiting in excess of 40 WD's if not longer.
Hmm that's a tough one. If they could tell what's missing people could consider changing their order. Weird that I ordered a day after you did and mine went through.
Fingers crossed you don't have to wait that long!


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Oh god haha. I entered my 5th day and went into pre-production today and I thought that was a good sign it'll be fast but after reading this thread I wanna cry hahaha. long wait to go but will be worth it!