The *nix screenshots thread


I love these threads. Post your desktop with any other details you want to add.


Arch w/ LXDE
This is my turbo desktop, for when I just want maximum speed and minimal clutter.


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Lol i am so unique. Or rather half unique cuz i am 1/2 on pcs having dis thang called lanux..

Seriously guys, install linux and post some pictures lol
Well, I use Mint 14 Cinnamon and everyone knows what that looks like :)


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Not sure what happened to this thread; seems posts have been deleted or something?

Screenshot from 2013-05-28 13:00:54.jpg

Unfortunately my monitor on the right although only 17" and doesn't have 1080 like my left monitor; for some reason the cable / port won't read the EDID on monitors (although fine in Windows) so the resolution is abit rubbish as you can probably tell of the Steam height compared to how far down the left side goes.
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