The PC turns on, but the screen stays black!!

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Lights come on, a single beep is heard, you can see the fans spinning? Good. First off, try another cable from the graphics card to the monitor. Make sure that if you have a dedicated graphics card you use that and not the onboard graphics!

Secondly, try another monitor if you have one available (you can even temporarily move the machine over next to your TV as you will most definitely have an HDMI connection you can try on this). If a different monitor works, then it is not likely at all that the graphics card/ PC that is acting up, it’s more likely your monitor.

If you have a dedicated graphics card then the third test at this stage would be to take this out, if you feel confident in doing so (ring us if you are unsure, we can help!). With this out, plug the monitor to the onboard graphics if your motherboard has them.

Here is a video on how to reseat a GPU:

If your PC works fine without the GPU or if you do not have integrated graphics (such as on most of the AMD Ryzen chips) then we have likely found out the culprit. First, try replacing the GPU just to see if it may not have been sat in its slot correctly and if this hasn’t worked you should get in touch with us to see if the GPU is covered by warranty. If you have working internal graphics then you can use the PC for now with just these, so you at least see something at all on the screen.

If none of this works then we are looking at the unlikely case of a CPU/motherboard failure so it is likely worth getting the machine back to us for an RMA.
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