The Router debacle...


Long story short, I have aquired 2 new routers.

Now Im wondering how best to use them. They are identical 300mbps wireless capable jobbies.

I have one connected downstairs to the phone line and happily firing out a wireless signal covering the house with adequate performance. But, could i add the second one upstairs which wouldnt be connected to a phone line but wirelessly to the downstairs router, then add a short ethernet cable to my pc/laptop? and would this give me a better connection/speed than just connecting wirelessly to the downstairs one?

I can't seem to find much useful tech help for this kind of scenario, so anything you can come up with would be awesome.


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It's possible to connect routers wirelessly using DD-WRT,it's not straightforward though
your routers may also need a firmware update for this to work,but even if you managed to get it working it might not improve the connection as the secondary router would still be connecting to the primary router wirelessly,unless it's acting as a booster or repeater in some way.


Thanks for that mate. I might have a go and see if there's performance gains, if its negligible then i'll send the second one back...I was sent it in error but wanted to see if I could make use of it...morally grey?