thinking of going for the dual monitor setup.


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I'm currently thinking of going for the dual monitor setup, right now ive got a

19" Wide TFT Silver/Black 1440 x 900 5MS, D-Sub, DVI, 18.5" Panel monitor.

Ive never used dual monitors before so im not quite sure on how it all works. I've tried to use my tv (which can also be used as a pc monitor) at the same time as my current monitor but it doesnt seem to work. Is there a special cable i need? or perhaps a different monitor?

any help would be appreciated! :)


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You shouldn't have a problem setting up dual monitors with what you have,assuming you are connecting your monitor through DVI & your tv through HDMI,although other connections are possible.Again "assuming" you have windows7,press the windows logo on your keyboard along with P,this will bring up all the options you need,check out this link for further info,