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It's only May for Heaven's,sake!


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It's only May for Heaven's,sake!
By all the leadup around the world in the last month, I think we’re set for global records generally.

Japan, each month since March has had record temperatures
Delhi, 2 days ago 43.6
US has seen record temps each month for 11 months now.

I have a feeling this year will be lots of Europe and UK hitting the 40s again. They’re saying it could be the hottest year globally since records began 175 years ago

People in the south and wales a few weeks ago when they had record temps in the midlands were all touting “fake news” as it was cold and wet down here, they don’t seem to understand how the jet stream influences our weather systems and is all over the place at the moment. So we were seeing a good 10 degree shift from south to midlands, pretty crazy