Time to replace? 2015 purchase


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Hi everyone,

I purchased my current spec in 2015 (excluding monitors, keyboard and mouse).
I use my PC for playing games, editing photos, watching videos, work (remotely through BYOD - I am a medical secretary within the NHS).

Recently, one of the graphics card's 3 fans has decided it is unhappy and doesn't want to rotate, and a 2nd fan is starting to slow down now. I think it's to do with bearings? I have of course youtube'd but am not confident enough to remove the unit myself to see if I can give it some TLC.

I wonder if it is time to replace my spec or would it be good for another year or two as it is - and I get someone to look at the fan? What is your opinion guys?

If I replace my budget is up to 3k so my question is what would build would you recommend as an all round multi-tasking desktop PC for me? Ideally I would like to change to a Mini PC as I may have to reduce my desk space.

Also, is it time to upgrade my monitors? I would increase budget to 4k

Thanks for your advice - spec is