Time traveller :O


We iz doomed, dr who is gonna get us :/. The lady is on the phone .....in the 20's !!. Lol,this vid seems to have caused quite a stir. Thoughts and opinions?



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my thoughts are it is either fake or the guy iis mental.................i would really love the guy to be a time traveller


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All it shows is a lady with her left hand to her ear, it's hardly conclusive evidence that she has a mobile phone in her hand (explain how she gets a signal?) and if she was a 'time traveler' then she'd most likely have an ear piece instead to avoid arousing suspicions... Besides, if I recall this was already proven to be a misinterpreted video. That's just my two pence.


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(explain how she gets a signal?)

I know its all BS and theres a perfectly logical explanation. Perhaps its just my mind, but i do take issue with the signal issue people are talking about.

If someone has figured out time travel im fairly sure they arnt still using phones which rely on your bog standard masts!


Lol,i was worried the thread was gonna be overlooked by everyone...and i guess gishank is right,but gorman is even more right? :p

Or for all we know she could have just had a itchy ear


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Probably something like this: