To-Do list when PC arrives (updated)


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Taking inspiration from @FishyFrags, I have tried to update and condense the original thread here into something a bit more manageable, I have put this thread here as the original was in "general guides" which I cannot post new threads in and the original thread is now locked. By all means move as required and also add to if needed, I have tagged everyone in below etc.

Tips from PCS mods, most valued/valued contributors and registered forum members

@AgentCooper - Mod (tips when receiving a new PC)

- Run windows update and install all updates even optional,
- Get the latest GPU drivers directly from the manufacturer’s website. Nvidia or AMD
- Preferably use windows defender and have the option to download free malwarebytes software
- Run benchmarks, info via this link
- if you ordered wifi with a desktop, make sure to screw in the antennae to prevent bad wifi.
- If ordered with RGB, check which software is needed and have any updates downloaded from the official manufactures website.
- Consider downloading a media player - agent cooper has recommended vlc, others are available.
- Consider checking to make sure there is no damage in transit and also ensuring good cable management to prevent potential trip accidents and also a neat system.

@Martinr36 - Most Valued Contributor (tips when receiving a new PC)

- Consider a backup strategy for important files, Martinr36 main External backup drive is a 4TB WD My book as well as a WD Elements external hard drive and a 1TB Toshiba
- Also consider anti virus software and install your preferred browser - Martinr36 has recommended waterfox - other web browsers are available and are dependent on preference.

@ubuysa Mod, @Gavras Registered Member and @SpyderTracks Mod (backup tips when receiving a new PC)

- Plan a backup strategy before your system arrives, a backup of your system and important files in essential in the event of data loss.
- If it’s just an initial back up, then an external HDD would do.
- If you have a spare M.2, you could buy a new one and clone your original and keep safe.
- There are also online backup services to consider, for example Microsoft onedrive, other subscription backup services are available by googling "Online backup services"
- Games from Steam, Epic etc I would just make sure save games are backed up, some games back up in cloud others on local drive.
- Depending on your speed and reliability of your internet connection, it maybe worth considering backing up game files externally in an event of data loss.
- External backup drives recommended are seagate and Weston Digital.
- Also NAS
- May need to consider 2 factor authentication for improved security
- Never use the drivers PCS provide for a computer desktop, only for a laptop if it's not a clevo model, For a PC, you go directly to the component manufacturer website. For a clevo laptop. Windows update will normally find all drivers except GPU and any management driver on a laptop like control center, or any audio optimisation like Creative.

@Scott Mod (tips when receiving a new PC)

- Have the latest version of Windows ready to install on a USB. I don't "do" other people installing windows for me regardless of standards or scenario. Most people can and will probably skip this. I never do.
- Have the latest chipset drivers for the motherboard downloaded and copied along side the above. Have the latest GPU drivers for the GPU downloaded and copied alongside the above.
- Switch your new system on and make sure it works. Give it a brief check and make sure the hardware that was ordered is installed
- From Scott's perspective I always complete a fresh install of windows from a USB to ensure the system is to my liking.
- Install ALL Windows updates (not including the optional "preview" upgrades or anything). Multiple reboots.
- Download & Install HWMonitor.
- If a gamer download your preferred launchers for example steam, gog, and epic games, others are available.
- Benchmarks
- System information should be logged on the Microsoft servers and automatically activated, if you want to be doubly sure you can link your license to an account if you have an outlook/hotmail account already. If not you can sign up and just link your system.

@Bhuna50 Most valued contributor (tips when receiving a new PC)
- "Make sure you tick "Enable Steam cloud synchronization for applications which support it" as this will back up your save games to Steam meaning you wont lose hours of progress if you need to format your PC , Although this may not cover 100% of games, it covers most - however if you save files locally to your machine, make sure you have a good back up plan as mentioned above."
- You might be able to get a USB hub / docking station for your laptop, this plugs into USB on laptop but allows 3/4 USBs to connect to it, so you would only need to plug the one cable in.
- Bhuna excellent Christmas 2021 thread for more tips
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