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To watercool or not ?


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Hi guyz,

I am looking for some advices. To explain my situation, i m looking to replace my 3-4 year rig, Intel Six core I7-8700K OC @4,8K and 1080TI, which is ok atm and will become my TV PC for VR, chill gaming, sim racing etc.. i might even upgrade the GPU later on this one :)

So i need another rig for work / productivity and games. I play at 4K with a freesync 2 pro (or something like that) samsung 49 inch monitor QLED @120hz (amazing monitor for me !), so i aim at full details 100-150 fps if i can of course. thats my target and my current PC is doing a decent job but wont be effective with big loads and future needs.

I am very impressed by AMD comeback, and even if i know that there will be a price to pay compared to the robust blue / green team, i want to reward them.

I want to "future proof" my build with a 5950X + 6900XT (only one since apparently crossfire is not supported and buggy anyway :poop:, very sad !), 32 or 64 gig of 3600 RAM, one M2 drive and 2 SSD for more fast storage and benefit from freesync 2 pro with my monitor.

Also, i know the 6900XT perfs are not confirmed by reviewers yet, but atm it seems like a good choice for me and the CPU / GPU makes sense with all the bonus they provide but i am waiting for the real benchmarks to confirm this choice.

i love corsair 1000D, it s big, heavy, stupid, sexy and so classy for my office ! :p

I am also considering pushing it to the ridiculous dual setup for streams and fun, also more computing power while one is already working is nice.

So here are my questions : PCS propose the 1000D with watercooling only, which makes sense, but i am splitted on watercooling, here are my concerns :

(Budget is not a problem btw and clearly watercool loop is looking very very sexy !)

Upgrading is not easy and require shipping outside of my country
more potentially failing pieces for more money
Draining and cleaning (maintenance) might require some knowledge / skill since i never got some watercooling ? or shipping to the UK (i am handy but no experience on that part)
how much perf OC will i gain compared to aircooling ?

I tried to explain my situation the best i could, any light on those concern would be greatly appreciated and will help me to decide, money is a subject but not the primary concern, i can understand spending more to get a little more, perf per $$ is not my first concern either, longevity, look and quality are important to me.




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It depends on what your work and productivity is. If you will be running massive data processing kind of tasks for long hours, then water cooling may be of benefit. If it's for more mudane things, then liquid cooling via an all-in-one cooler in the right case would do an excellent job