Tour de France


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Hi guys, after Andy Murray won Wimbledon I went onto Facebook and it was full of people all exited about it, one person was even talking about calling his new dog Murray.. I watched Chris Froome become the second British cyclist to win the Tour de France. I once again went on to Facebook to see everybody's reaction to this and - nothing.
I find this quite disappointing considering what Froome has just achieved. In the last 3 weeks he has cycled 3403.5km in less than 84h, that's an average of about 40.5km/h, as the race progressed whenever he was interviewed he was always polite and smiled and never moaned even though he must have been in pain during most of the interviews.
Then after the event the award ceremony was amazing. The lights display that they arranged on the arc de triumph was incredible.
So Froome cycles 3400km in 84 hours going through the Alps and the Pyrenees, in the scorching heat, winning what is thought to be the toughest annual sporting event - nobody cares.
Murray hits a tennis ball and shows a bit of emotion for the first time in his life and knighthoods get mention by the prime minister and people start naming their dogs after him.
Just seems a bit mad to me.. I get that Murray's achievement was excellent, it's just that Chris Froome's was better...


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Bandwagons :) That's all.

I agree completely, but its just the way the media and the general public work sadly.

Ah well, nowt as muppety as sheeple :)