Transferring digital windows 10 license to new machine

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Quite a few people already have a windows 10 License which they want to transfer over to the new PC. Windows 10 now makes this easy, even if you have an OEM license, you can legitimately turn it into a "digital license" by tying it to your microsoft account, and then transfer it legally to a new machine with different hardware.

Firstly, create a digital windows license on your current machine that you want to decommision:

How to link your Windows 10 product key to a Microsoft account | Windows Central

Then this kind of decent article has alluded me for a long time, but I've finally found one on how to remove your digital windows license from an old machine, and then successfully apply it to the new machine!

Hope that helps.

Be advised though, if you are transferring an existing license, you'll need to know how to install windows from scratch and configure your drivers before the PC is ready to use.
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