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Transferring Folders in Gallery to a Windows 10 Laptop


Hi All,

I am a proud owner, (as of monday) of a brand new Defiance 3 laptop (whoohoo)! One of the first things i wanted to do after i had it set up was transfer all of my photos and videos that were taking up a very large amount of space on my Samsung S7 Edge (32GB). I have all of my photographs and videos organised into folders and albums on my phone and i thought, (perhaps naively) that i could just plug in the the phone to the laptop via USB, open the folders and copy and paste the albums across. Oh how mistaken i was !! Once i opened the phone folder after connecting it and clicking on the pictures folder, there were zero pictures showing within! Now i was quite shocked and became increasingly frustrated as i delved deeper to try and find out why i could not view the albums on my phone via my laptop when connected through USB.

I did a bit of googling and found that i could download an "app" onto my laptop called Phone Companion. Now whilst this was eventually successful in transferring my photographs, it did not transfer any of my videos and furthermore, mixed up all the photos that were in the albums ! Now i can either spend HOURS going through them all and re-organising them, (oh so help me i do not want to do that), or finding a more suitable long term solution, (my googling hasn't been as fruitful unfortunately).

So my question is simply - Does anybody know a simple and relatively quick way of transferring albums which include pictures, videos, (and eventually music) from s7 edge to laptop and vice versa?

Many thanks in advance!

(Hope i posted this in the right place by the way xD)


The Awesome
You need to put the phone in mtp mode, then it just acts as a normal external hdd.

That's just what I was thinking :)

Though it may be that the 'Phone Companion' app has moved stuff around when it shouldn't have done so the OP may have to do some organising unfortunately :(


The BSOD Doctor
I agree with the MPT mode (Media Transfer Protocol) but even then you might not be able to see your albums, but you should certainly be able to see all the pictures in their respective folders.