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Corfate: I'll be home at 4
Tom @4:02pm: I WANT PICS NAOO!!11!1!!

He's a impatient sod haha ;)

Apparently there's 7 exchanges in North Yorkshire down :( had no Internet since 2pm :(

Got all the pictures taken though :p wanted one of the insides, but I don't have a screwdriver small enough. It'll have to wait till I'm at work :(


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So, while my internet is being fixed (hopefully!), I thought I’d spend the time writing this review of my UltraNote :) Only had it less than a day, so this is a first impressions kinda thing :) I'll report back in a week or so :)

Ordering process
This is the second time I’ve ordered a computer from PCS, and both times it’s been brilliant. The website is responsive and easy to use. Well laid out and I love the new interface when looking at peripherals. My original order was about 494 English pounds. I then changed my order taking away Windows 7, and added in a faster SSD. I believe this took the final cost to around 450 quid :)

I was updated every step of the way throughout my order. It took a total of 6 working days to get to me (Dispatched on the 5th, came on the 6th). Dpd was also great. Updated throughout the delivery process and the box came in great condition. I order so much stuff, the delivery driver recognized my mum and ended up talking to her, so, great customer service I guess ;)!
Now onto the good stuff!

Upon opening the parcel, the pc was well packed with that polystyrene stuff. Also, the laptop was wrapped in a bag with plastic protecting the screen. Also, the keyboard had a little foam like thing protecting that too. This was all fitted snuggly inside the notebook box with yet more foam holding it inside there! Basically, it had no way to move about really! Can’t fault the packaging at all if I’m honest.

Keyboard + Track pad
The keyboard has kind of a textured feel too it. It’s not smooth, and I can feel the printed letter on each key, but it’s a nice feeling. It’s super easy to type on. Hasn’t taken me too long to get used to it. I’m still making mistakes, but I think that’s cause of my fat fingers haha. The keyboard does actually sound like a MacBook keyboard. It’s nice and responsive, only thing it’s missing is being backlit; but I can’t seriously expect this on a laptop at this price range.
The track pad has a nice feel too it also. In some places it’s got a slight lump. Not sure if this is just a minor imperfection with it, or it’s meant to be there (odd if it was). However, this Is only me trying to find stuff to complain about. The other thing that is annoying me with the track pad is that sometimes when I’m trying to move the mouse pointer across it tries to scroll across instead. Annoying, but it may just be me being ‘special’. I’m sure I’ll get used to it eventually. The buttons also have a nice feeling to them. Not too loud, but a nice click to them.

Build quality
For a laptop of this price range, you would expect them to be a little flimsy and cheap, but nope. This lappy doesn’t flex when being picked up. Yes, all of it is plastic, but it’s not a cheap plastic that looks naff. It’s got different textures on different parts. For example, the plastic by the keyboard has an almost brushed aluminum look and feel to it. Same as the back of the screen. Overall, great build quality.

The screen on this UltraNote only comes in at 1366 x 768 which is a shame. I’m sure if people had the option to upgrade to 1920 x 1080 people defiantly would. I would have done if I had the chance. However, this screen is very good for what I intend to do. I don’t intend to game on this, I have my desktop for that. I only intend to use this for web surfing and documents for work. The screen on mine is clear and bright. No dead pixels that I can see. The casing round the screen isn’t that attractive with it just being black plastic. I hate to critise, but it does look cheap and it was a concern when buying the laptop. However, it is sturdy and does the job, just looks a little cheap & plain.

I knew it was thin looking at the video on PCS and the pictures, but I didn’t realize just how thin till I pulled it out the box. It makes Ultrabooks that are much more expensive basically pointless. As you can see in the pictures below, it is THIN. Thinner than most laptops out there for a fraction of the price. The laptop is a great size for carrying around, and is also the perfect weight. It is heavy enough to have a nice feel to it, but not be uncomfortable to carry in your hand for long periods of time. Like I say, it’s a perfect weight for portability. The battery on this laptop is light and seems to work like a battery should do haha. I’m guessing I’d maybe get 3-4 hours of continuous use before it was to die. The charger is also of a nice size. I’ve heard of other PCS Laptops coming with a charging block the size of a PSU haha.

Due to my internet currently being down (Down in N Yorkshire apparently, urgh), im yet to go on the internet and look at videos etc. However, with the addition of the Intel 330 SSD, it’s very speedy to boot. I’ll upload a video I made If I can be bothered. It’s on par with my desktop in terms of boot times. Files also open quickly too. The laptop also feels very cool. Obviously, it’s never going to be as cool as a desktop as it’s caged in a cramped space, but it’s not boiling my legs off, or spewing out heat. It’s warm on my legs, but all laptops are anyway. I’ll install a temp program when I get internet and report the temps. It’s also silent, and I mean silent. I can’t hear a thing. I’m not sure if the fan is on or not, but that’s maybe due to it having good cooling, or me not stressing it :p

Overall, so far, I have no complaints, just a couple of opinions/observations. I thoroughly recommend this laptop to everybody. For the price, I honestly don’t think you can get better.
Please see pictures below. I want to get one of the inside, but I don’t have a screwdriver small enough :) Hope this review helps with any potential buyers! Sorry it was so long, i have nothing better to do :p
TL;DR – Great laptop, buy it!

Pics in next post :)
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Thousands of pics:




















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Great feedback, +rep :)

We've added your review to the reviews section on our configurator.


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Lovin the review, has inspired me to start my Vortex one.

Rep it up :)

Thankyou very much :D I typed it all on this when my internet was down :p

Sick set-up & review (+REP) What monitors do you have?

Thankyou Narcotics, sorry, i didn't see this earlier! The smaller one is my old Dell 22" monitor. When i did my overhaul of my desktop, i bought that 24" Asus VS247H i believe it is. I got it for about £150 from Scan. It's got a great picture quality, but the stand is a little lopsided so i make the screen level by resting it against my Dell monitor haha.

In different news, i've just ordered another charger for it. I've managed to leave mine at home and i have like 15% of the battery left. Fml. I'm a dopy sod!


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I'll have to change what i said about the keyboard in the original review :( I can honestly say it's one of the trickiest things I've ever typed on haha. I just find the keys need to stick out of the chassis abit more than they do, or be placed slightly more together. I get that it's like the chick-let style or whatever it is, i just have trouble typing and not making thousands of mistakes :p

It is easier to type on when it's angled up slightly, hence me buying a cheap stand for it to use at work where i mainly use it.

Other than that, everything else with it is just spot on :)


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Hi...nice review and pics. Quick question about the keyboard...do you experience any flex? And, how is the screen working out for you? Am considering configuring a 14" for myself, the deterrents are the screen - want a high res one - and the keyboard! BTW, how much does your machine weigh?


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No, no flex that im aware of. It's just that it's not the easiest keyboard to type on. I can type much faster on another laptop or on my desktops keyboard.

I don't know how much it weighs, but it's not alot. It's a nice enough weight to carry it around, but not feel like it's flimsy or anything like that :)

The screens fine really. I only use it for documents and the occasional youtube video, so i don't need it to be 1080p for gaming etc. Got my desktop for that :)



No, no flex that im aware of. It's just that it's not the easiest keyboard to type on. I can type much faster on another laptop or on my desktops keyboard.

I don't know how much it weighs, but it's not alot. It's a nice enough weight to carry it around, but not feel like it's flimsy or anything like that :)

The screens fine really. I only use it for documents and the occasional youtube video, so i don't need it to be 1080p for gaming etc. Got my desktop for that :)

Have you experienced any other defects with your laptop??

I have had mine for roughly 6 months or so now and I'm very dissapointed in it. I got an i5 3210m processsor solid state hdd etc. and the internals are fantastic but the case is just sooo cheap. I am going to include pictures and send an email to pc specialist to show what i mean.


Hey Corfate!

Just wanted to say a quick thank you for your review as it pushed me in the right direction to order my new UltraNote 14". We have slightly different specs but I was more concerned with the overall look and feel or it. Cant stand those laptops with the bendy screens. I didnt go for the SSD but I'm wondering whether this will make too much difference in boot (I'm used to laptops taking around 3 mins to boot anyhow hehe)?

How has the lappy been treating you? Still happy with your purchase?