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Underperforming Vortex V Elite

Laptop Specs:
2x GTX 980m
i7 6700k
32GB HyperX DDR4 RAM
512 SSD
...Running 64-bit Windows 10

About 3 days ago, I've noticed a sudden drop on FPS in games such as Rainbow 6 Siege, Rocket League...etc. I was hitting about 30-40fps, where usually it's consistent around 75fps (G-Sync Enabled).
List of things I tried:
  • Power cable is connected
  • Laptop was restarted several times
  • Laptop left turned off overnight

I first booted the laptop just under a year ago, and I changed nothing before I started experiencing FPS issues. There might be a really simple issue I may have glanced over (Sorry in advance if it is something really stupid I've missed), but I'm fairly clueless on what to do right now.
3D mark Fire Strike benchmarking results April 2016 compared to now:
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Have you updated Nvidia graphics drivers recently or checked to see if Windows 10 has for you? Hopefully, it is just a driver glitch/sli misbehaving.

If you are still within warranty I would also contact PCS right away, just to inform them, in case it is hardware.


Most common cause of these issues on a high-end laptop is the CPU/GPU overheating. If your CPU gets too hot, it will automatically clock down to a lower frequency to reduce the amount of heat it generates, to protect itself. (Also referred to as P-states on Intel CPUs).

Check your temps with a program like Speedfan or Aida. Your CPU will automatically go to a lower P-state around 100c. It can do this 3-4 times (Can't remember the specific number), at the lowest p-state your CPU will be running very slow, and your video-games will run very bad :(