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Hello peeps,
I bought a custom build from pcs in January (loving it everything works smoothly) only issue is I hadn't done enough research. Being new to pc gaming and custom building I chose a case with a solid front panel the PCS P209 mid tower case. I added two more exhaust fans the the roof of the case so now I 3 exhaust fans in total and no intake fans so everything's running a little hot. Not too hot its damaging I'm more concerned about the negative pressure and dust build up. I was just wondering having the solid front panel, would fitting front intake fans be pointless and if it's worth doing is it possible to fit a dust filter on there too. Or maybe just replace the front panel for a mesh one instead if that's possible. I only just got the pc I dont want to have to transfer it to a brand new case and risk breaking anything. This is the case and the specs for it from the website.
Screenshot_20200627-164107_Samsung Internet.jpg
Screenshot_20200627-164114_Samsung Internet.jpg

If anyone can help me out I'd be very grateful thank you.


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Firstly, be aware that if you change your system to a new case it would invalidate your warranty.....PCS's "open-case" policy only extends to inside the case, not the case itself.

If the case allows for front intake fans then it may be worth looking into but not sure how much the intake vents will allow. You could look into a liquid cooler for the CPU which would be one less thing that needs cooling.