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There is already a thread for Random websites,
But now let me present you with the ultimate thread for sharing and finding useful websites to do with computing.

Award Winning desktop PC & Notebook manufacturer

Benchmarking and Hardware Analysis
CPUs: (CPU Benchmark results) (More CPU Benchmark results)
CPU (CPU-Z): (Information about your CPU)
GPU (GPU-Z): (Information about your GPU)

Game Deals

GPU comparisons
Laptop GPUs:
Desktop GPUs:

Hardware reviews, Hardware news, Game reviews etc.

Laptop Reviews

Manufacturer Websites
Cooler Master:

Maintenance (Cleaning up PC from clutter)​

Research, general time wasting etc. (The Mighty!) (Guaranteed to kill your productivity, beware of kittens)​

Software Downloads
Specialist Game Reviewers/ News (at it since 1873) (Good HD video reviews) (Very down to earth writing) (Humour might not be to everyone's taste)​

Tech Support (Unofficial)
Be careful with any advice you receive from these links as they may nullify your warranty with PCS.
These forums are not an official channel for support, if you have a problem with your machine please ensure you notify us through our official channels.
These are through our website mail system or by calling Tech support direct on 0844 499 4000.
Alternatively for general enquiries email [email protected].

Article picturing and explaining the various types of PC power connectors

Free online tool that converts your files from one format to another (Real time saver!)

The 40 Best Google Chrome Extensions
*and don’t forget AdBlock

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Hehehe not quite what i had in mind yet i cant argue with that
+rep for that.... hahahahahahaaa

OK can we try and keep these sites Computer related.


I've used quite a few times while browsing for laptops, mainly for the forums


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The most important one :p

and Best GPU's in the world


Gold Level Poster, and are good websitse for Hardware reviews, Hardware news, Game reviews etc.


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Oh, and obviously if you want game reviews, there are rather alot of websites devoted to that!
The best ones (imo) (good hd video reviews) (very down to earth writing)


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They recently went under, caused a lot of people a whole lot of grief by accepting orders until the last minute.