Very odd problem with DVI...


This cropped up last night and I've no idea why.

I use a DVI cable from PC to Monitor and for the last week its worked fine, no problems whatsoever. When I turned it on last night, when you usually see the BIOS Splash Screen, my monitor had a message on saying 'Input Not Support', however a few seconds later the Windows 8 lock screen appeared and from then on everything worked as normal.

As Im currently overclocking, getting into BIOS is fairly crucial, so started to panic a bit. I tried multiple restarts and even hit the 'Del' key during the 'Input Not Support' message to see if If the UEFI BIOS would kick in. It was working, in that I could tell I was in BIOS because Windows stopped loading but still nothing appeared on the screen.

I deduced that for whatever reason something was stopping the display from showing whatever resolution BIOS bits and bobs are shown in...but what would make this suddenly happen?

I dug out an old HDMI cable and low and behold that worked fine, BIOS showed up, I was away...but Im still at a loss as to why it happened. Graphics card and monitor appear to be working fine. Dodgy DVI port at either card or monitor end? dodgy cable?

Just wondered if anyone else had experienced the same and found a solution. Is there a setting somewhere I can change?

Its not a huge deal, HDMI works....but Im intrigued to know whats going on. Last thing I want is a GPU/Monitor that might be slowly on its way out or something.




Only the HDMI, which worked. I dont have another DVI cable to try and my monitor ony has one DVI input.

What I might try tonight is plugging my laptop into my monitor using the DVI cable. That'll tell me if its my GPU or the cable/monitor. Then, If i borrow another DVI cable from work today, hopefully I can narrow it down further....

Its something I've never encountered before, i was really stumped and google wasn't giving me much joy...