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There are currently THREE types of VR headset...

1/. Original style where you have satellite "radars" that scan the room constantly to find out where you are positioned by tracking both the headset and controller. In some respects this is "the old way" of doing things but does tend to give better accuracy with regards to controller movement in game.

2/. The newer versions which include a range of cameras around the headset that enable it to track where the controllers are in relation to it.

3/. An "offline" version that doesn't directly connect to the PC, usually you'd connect it to a mobile phone or something lower power that does all the processing. Basically, we're not even going to consider these, they're a cheap option that vastly compromises on experience.

For ultimate experience without thinking about price, the Valve Index is the one to go for. It's a Type 1 headset, and roughly around £900 for the full satellites, controllers and headset package. It's WELL worth the price. It's 2 x 1440 x 1600 screens. Plus you get Half Life: Alyx free with the headset. BUT they're hard to get hold of, stocks are low as they're so popular.

I'd say second runner up would be the HP Reverb G2 headset which is new to the scene and was designed along with Valve. It's a Type 2 headset with 2 x 2160 x 2160 screens. Controller accuracy is not as good as the Index though. Again, stocks are low as with all tech releases at the moment.

Then really the next option is anything from Oculus with the Oculus Quest 2 being the mainstream option. BUT I would NEVER EVER RECOMMEND ONE. Even though they're quite substantially cheaper, you're really sacrificing the experience. PLUS, they're owned by Facebook who have been renowned to force you into having to log in with an active facebook account to get proper features, plus there are restrictions on the kinds of gestures you can do with the headset or else they ban you off the platform. NO JOKE. They're awful! And you can bet your bottom dollar that they'll keep adding more gestures and even words and phrases as it moves on.

At the moment, I would say it really is down to the Index and Reverb if you want a half decent experience.
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