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Vortex IX first look


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is that -0.25V? as in -250mV?

That's a pretty substantial undervolt!

Did you cause any BSOD when going lower than that?

GPU and CPU benchmarks simultaneously can be used to simulate real gameplay.

I run MSI Kombuster to get the GPU nice and hot

then run CPU-z with a limited thread count and increment the count gradually to gradually test different loads on the cpu.

The GPU benches don't stress the cpu enough, and the GPU benches hardly bother the cpu and don't really give a good real world example.

optimising for both seperately tended to end up with a lot of throttling for me when I actually started using them
Yep -250mV undervolt and is stable at least with aida64 for the 30mins I ran it for (Stressed CPU/FPU/Cache).

I'll definitely test out your method for stability, but give me 2 weeks from now. Will update once I get it tested!


I was very surprised by the 250mv too, though googling turned out it was surprisingly common for the H series :)

@ixende - best of luck with final exams btw!


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I'm actually currently stuck between the Vortex and the Recoil III. Dunno if I should go for a smaller screen or a larger one.
Hi, i just found the 17 inch version on scan and can confirm that the 2070 is not max q
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Which chassis are you talking about? The 17.3" Recoil III from PCS is definitely a non-max-Q 2070, that's never been in question :) And PCS don't sell a 17.3" Vortex currently.


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Under the keyboard, does it have extra connectors? Trying to find out if all versions of the PB51 have the connector for the per key RGB keyboard.


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Under the keyboard, does it have extra connectors? Trying to find out if all versions of the PB51 have the connector for the per key RGB keyboard.
The vortex (PB50RF-G) apparently supports per-key rgb but is an optional feature and pcspecialist doesnt have the per-key rgb keyboard type. The connector should be the same, just the keyboard support for it.

I personally cant be bothered with rgb. A normal backlight is the best when in the dark.


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Wow, came back after exams to see 1300 views to this review of the laptop.

Decided to have a chill day off, kicked back and relax with some music with M40x headphones and wow this laptop blew me away. Expected average to poor onboard audio like my previous GS60, but the vortex was like good soundstage and decent vocals. Ended up writing a mini review in post 4 (post 2 was getting too long).

Nahimic is trash, which is included with MSI laptops. Glad to see Creative providing good audio in this Clevo laptop


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Gave myself a heart attack when using the memory overclock option.
Added the memory overclocking info in Post 4 (forums wont let me extend Post 2 any longer)
Or you can read it down here
Memory Overclocking:

Managed to get my 2666mhz vengeance ram to 3000mhz.

The memory overclocking profile is unintuitive. I say that because in nowhere does it provide any info on what frequency you will be applying, and the [custom XMP2] column does NOT show the values until a reboot.

So how do you overclock memory with this bios?
Firstly, it uses the DoubleDataRate(DDR) values. And to get the base frequency you have to multiply [memory reference clock] with [memory ratio] and then double it.
In my 2nd picture the example is 100MHz x 15 ratio = 1500MHz
Double 1500MHz = 3000MHz.
Alternatively the default XMP profile for my 2666MHz is
Double (133MHz x 10ratio = 1333MHz)

I learnt this the hard way, normally most bios uses the maximum(already doubled values).
Which I accidentally applied because I didnt know: 133MHz x 23ratio = 3059MHz
and the bios doubles that in 6118MHz (LOL)

What happens next you ask. Firstly the laptop fails to boot (of course), I was like no problem I'll reset the laptop.
The BAD part- Holding the Fn + D and pressing power resets the bios. But I panicked as the laptop takes literally FOREVER to reset.
Just be patient. 3-5minutes after the keycombo, (while still in black screen) the laptop will power off on its own and turn on. 1-2minutes later the bios splash screen will finally appear and you can press F2 to go back to bios.

Also, I found out later that a bad overclock of memory will do the same shutdown and reset procedure on its own. No need for Fn + D key.
Im glad thats over :)