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vyper 15.6 review/1st impressions


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Chassis & Display Vyper Series: 15.6" Matte Full HD 45% NTSC LED Widescreen (1920x1080)
Processor (CPU) Intel® Core™ i5 Quad Core Processor 8300H (2.3GHz, 4.0GHz Turbo)
Memory (RAM) 8GB Corsair 2666MHz SODIMM DDR4 (1 x 8GB)
Graphics Card NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1060 - 6.0GB GDDR5 Video RAM - DirectX® 12.1
1st Storage Drive NOT REQUIRED
1st M.2 SSD Drive 512GB ADATA SX6000 Pro PCIe M.2 2280 (2100 MB/R, 1500 MB/W)
Memory Card Reader Integrated 2 in 1 Memory Card Reader (SD, MMC)
AC Adaptor 1 x 150W AC Adaptor

This is my first ever laptop, (only ever used the parents laptop from argos, so the jump from that to this is quite something) used desktops my whole life.
bad things out thre way first, th build time was longer than i was expecting, 12 working days in total according to my order page, and thr bank holiday we just had added a further day onto the delivery (not pcspecialists fault i know)
Speakers are pretty bad, which i knew before hand, theyre fine for a quick video on youtube or something but couldnt see me using them for films or anything like that.

Goodstuff, which is everything else, really cant fault the laptop at all, handles everything i throw at it with ease, build quality is great, boots to the login screen in around 8 secs, coming from a normal hdd in my previous desktop thats just wonderful, seriously cant fault this laptop. The mechanical keyboard was weird to use at first but soon got used to it (the noise is what i mean) bigger shift key wouldve been nice as theyre a little small, but guess ill get used to this
gaming iv only had a few quick goes on a couple of games, Forza Horizon 4, 1080p, near enough everything on ultras and i get a constant 60fps, the fans kick in when playing but the game audio drowns that out easily

All in all as you can see im very happy with my purchase (except build time) ill be using pcspecialist in future when time comes to upgrade!



Thanks for posting a review, good to hear the system is behaving. And always interesting to see a review of the Vyper especially. :)

Stephen M

Thanks for the review. Unfortunately Audio is never much good on laptop but there are quite a few decent and not too expensive sound systems designed for computers that are worth looking at. I have a couple of Logitech systems and am pleased with them, this is not the cheapest but with 60W RMS and a subwoofer will give a decent sound: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0105Y2T5Y/ref=emc_b_5_t