Vyper III, touchpad drivers needed?


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Hi all,
in the attempt to optimise further my Vyper III I was wondering if I need to install the touchpad drivers from my personal admin area on PCS website.
Since I received the laptop I've never installed them.
Honestly, the installation is quite cryptic, looking at the attached instructions PDF. It's all in chinese.
A more polished installation instructions from PCS would be have been better. It looks like the package is the original supplied by the touchpad manufacturer.

I wonder if I need to install them, as the consumption bump up of about 2-3W when using the touchpad (detected only using when it on HWInfo, discharge rate), which is a bit high in my opinion.

Also when using the touchpad the System Interrupts process in Task Manager shows an usage of about 3%, while it usually at 0% when I don't use the touchpad.

If someone has some advices about this they would be very welcome.