Warhammer 40,000 Dark Millenium


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Oooh, hope I'll be able to be one of my two favourite races:

Orks (orks are the best ...)

Nurgle (ok, I couldn't get the camera to focus very well)


Call me negative nancy if you'd like, but I genuinely fear this will suck giganto balhooks. The reason I say this is, IMO, they've focused on the big battle areas, which I just don't think will translate well to MMO, given the real excitement you could do with the Inquisition from the 40k universe... Appreciate it has to be marketable, mind.


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I think this will be awesome tbh, I dont think they'll take the same approach as to what the other Warhammer game was, I dont think this is going to be an ordinary MMORPG, it looks more like a TPS RPG, guess we'll see when the time comes though ey!


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the other mmo was developed by EA-Mythic, this is THQ IIRC so I reckon a very different design angle. WAR is DAoC repainted, THQ dont have the legal rights to use that engine (unless ofc games workshop owns that engine etc and have forced THQ to use it)

I promised myself after Aion that im never going to play an MMO at launch again...