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What are you driving at the moment?


Bingo Bango Orchestrator
This is a great shot to show the interior.....

My God, that is a generous cabin!


Behold The Ford Mondeo
My God, that is a generous cabin!
It has to be seen to be believed, honestly.

The rear seats fold up too (right into the quarter space, hanging off the rear grab handle), should they not be required, which offers a ridiculous boot space.


The BSOD Doctor
It's a cracking bit of kit. Can't believe what you get for the cash. It's officially an 8 seater but 6 can get in in recliner style seating. There's so much space. Full leather, rotating seats, foot rests, lazy boy-esque leg extensions. Everything's electric.... even the doors. Birdseye view cameras for parking, 5.1 audio system..... it's just unreal. Even has electric curtains.
When I was a lad you got a three cylinder engine that you had to crank to start, wooden seats, and in the deluxe model, a roof. The entertainment centre was a mirror so you could see the people behind laughing at you. But we were grateful!


Bronze Level Poster
That cannot be cheap to run Hahaha.
I've never worked it out (because I don't want to know 😑) but I suspect it does around 11 to the gallon.

Figured I may as well scratch the itch before either:
A.) Everything goes electric and soulless
B.) The human race becomes extinct due to global warming/respiratory pandemic