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At Least I Have Chicken
Just been told I may get it in August woo woo! not been this excited sine I hit my 100 days waiting at PCS last year, but no cake from Mazda :(
Here ya go, buddy:


robin h 25

i'm having to wait until sometime in March before they get my carbon fiber side skirt in

Geez's, I finally got my carbon fiber side skirt from Citroen today and..... I'm not very happy😤,
after all this waiting, To get home and have a look.. to only find this...
New carbon fiber side skirt cracked.jpg

A nice lovely crack in the carbon fiber, not what you want to see having spend £500 on this

I'll be taking it back to Citroen parts department tomorrow morning, God know's when to expect a replacement for this😔, considering how long i'd had to wait for this,

With the next replacement, I'm going to get Citroen parts department to open it and check it over before I leave their parts department, for which i should have done that today but I didn't have my thinking head on...

robin h 25

So after 6 years and 6 months of ownership, Today, I've finally said goodbye to my very rare Citroen DS3 Racing😭😭

I decided to trade in and trade up,

I'm now an owner of a Hyundai I30N Fastback...

My photo of the very last time that i will see of my Citroen DS3 Racing as i drove away in this very Hyundai.
Bye Bye Citroen DS3 Racing.jpg