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What are you driving at the moment?


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It is a fantastic machine. A dream for me to own. Done a few mods to it so it looks even better than factory stock and sounds ace too.
I've got a ford and evertime I take it to the garage, I drool over the Mustang, they are stunning cars.


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Get one. You'll not regret it. You should be able to pick up a reasonable mileage 15-18 plate for a decent price.
It's on my ever extending list, but next up I really want the new model MX-5, have been lusting after one for many years now and it's a LOT cheaper!


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It's on my ever extending list, but next up I really want the new model MX-5, have been lusting after one for many years now and it's a LOT cheaper!

The MX-5 is a nice looking car but just don't have the presence of The Stang. I've had a mega blinged (chromed) up PT Cruiser, a beast of a 300C (all Black with 22'' Chrome rims - looked like a gansta' drug dealers car;)) and a banana yellow face lift Z4. All head turners but I'll tell you what The Stang turns more nappers than the lot of them put together. Fantastic if you have an ego the size I do:) (and a small penis of course:cry::cry:;)).

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I drive a rare Citreon DS3 Racing, 1 of only 200 in the UK,

Under going some performance modifications
citreon ds3r.jpg

citreon ds3r 2.jpg

citreon ds3r 3.jpg

citroen-ds3-racing 980.jpg

My dream cars i'd like to own are a...
1972 Nissan GT-R "Hakosuka" or a
1970 Plymouth RoadRunner.
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Stephen M

Have just re-entered the world of the car owner. Having managed without one for years I will be needing one more in the future, although wanted something green so have got a Kona EV, Premium SE.

Not used it much yet but is very comfortable and the amount of acceleration surprised me. Odd sensation travelling at a decent speed on the motorway and only hearing the sound of tyres on the road and other vehicles.

Not needed it yet but the HUD is great, displaying speed, the current speed limit and SatNav directions, all appearing to be just over halfway down the bonnet, in perfect eye-line but without effecting vision for driving.

Stephen M

Coming up to 1,000 miles and very pleased with the Kona, a new but very enjoyable driving experience. The HUD when SatNav is on is a great piece of kit, being able to see the miles to next direction and a representation of the corner, roundabout with exit shown etc next to the speed I am doing plus speed limit means I never have to look away from the road and can drive with the annoying SatNav voice turned off.

I do not rush these days as do not have to but it will still easily do a ton and get there very quickly, although by sticking to the speed limit and taking things steady it saves on charge and am currently registering 314 miles on a full charge, which is about 285-290 without total battery drain risk and is a great money saver on petrol or the trains I used to suffer.

A regular trip to Scotland, possibly 10 times a year or more is around 730 miles round trip and will cost around 15 quid - just under £8 to charge at home, less if on the overnight cheap stuff, then one stop on the way up at an Ecotricity fast charger which will cost £3 at most and a full charge at a Charge Point Scotland bay which is free after paying the £20 yearly subscription fee.

The cruise control is cool as it will also slow the car down and keep a set distance from the vehicle in front plus the lane assist function, helped by all round cameras, will self steer between the white lines, although you do get a warning if you take your hands off the steering wheel to see if it will completely look after itself. It is quite a step towards being a self driving machine.


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VW Polo Blue GT. Economical and the acceleration is brilliant. Went for the DSG gearbox with paddle shifters so the drive to work every day feels like I'm in Forza Horizon 🤪



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This little girl is 11 years old now and I have the pleasure of owning her for the past 3 years now. I could not resist her especially as her mileage at the moment is only 37,000. I cannot see me parting with her for many years.


BMW 530d Touring Xdrive. 0-62 in 5.6 seconds, great mid range acceleration and 45 mpg with four wheel drive.