What happened to the small form factor cases for configuring gaming PCs?

I just ordered a small form factor AMD based PC. I looked at small form cases on the site about a year ago and there was a wide range of small form cases to choose from. When I configured my order yesterday, the small form case range was significantly less than a year ago, and today when I logged in to look at other small form cases for AMD or Intel based gaming PCs there are none listed. Any chance small form cases are coming back that support fully custom configurations?
There's 2 showing on the AMD mini-pc page right now...
  1. Fractal Define S Nano
  2. Corsair Crystal 280X
Although neither of them are what I'd call 'mini' - in the way an Intel NUC is - but then you want proper gaming components in there, not an iGPU I assume (y)

Normally there is the option of sourcing & providing your own case - but I don't see it for the mini-PC section, so maybe they don't want people buying cases for configs/components that won't physically fit :unsure: