What phones are you using?


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The Social Dilemma is worth a watch. I'll be honest that most of it seems really obvious to me but I'm surprised to find that to most this has been an awakening. I do tend to think differently and look at things differently but I've also always been very tentative with FB and other Social Media outlets. The only one I over-use would be Whatsapp.


samsung s21 ultra

previously samsung galaxy note 9

history prior is anywhere and everything

in no particular order

samsung galaxy s8
iphone 6s
iphone 5s
Sony Xperia T
blackberry curve (twice)
blackberry torch
nokia n71
nokia 6500 slide
iphone 3gs
nokia 3220
sagem myx2
nokia 6630
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My current phone is the OnePlus 7T Pro although I will be getting a new one in a month or two. Before I got this phone I had several Sony ones but got fed up with them getting more expensive and less innovative. This is all the phones I can remember anyway:

Sony Xperia XZ1
Sony Xperia Z5
Sony Xperia Z1
Sony Xperia S
Nokia N8
Samsung S8000 Jet
LG Viewty
Sony Ericsson K700


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I`m also using an OnePlus 7T Pro but the McLaren Edition , so far I`m still very pleased with it and see no added benefit ( other than 5G ) to upgrade .


I have a Samsung S8 phone from work. I preferred the iPhone 6S I had in my previous job. I am too antisocial to need a personal phone 😃