What Type of Photographs Do You Take?


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I used to mainly take landscape photographs. More recently I have preferred wildlife and birds. I am always wanting more reach, more resolution, more light and more patience.


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Mainly my dogs and landscape (of where we walk the dogs LOL).

I would like to get some good bird / wildlife shots when out and about but a bit difficult with two dogs in tow...

Some of my pics are linked into this thread and about to put some more of the walk we went on today :D



General type of stuff while out on the bike, recently started to take photos using a drone



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I've been an everything photographer for yonks - would just have fun trying out new techniques and new subjects. But lately I have found myself completely fascinated by street photography. However, it is something which I seem to have next to no confidence to attempt myself. I am far too unhealthily self-conscious to stand in a busy street and point a camera at anything or anyone.

Of the few attempts I've made, this is one of my favourites. Boston Subway:


And the amazing 'Vessel' in NYC:


But I also love low key and high key images with off camera flash - we have this as a large print on our wall - of our daughter doing her ballet routine......

Hannah for Print-17.jpg

I think it's really nice to have a few of your own images on your walls - rather than solely prints bought off a shelf.....


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These photos are really impressive, kudos to you all :) (y)

And here's me just taking pictures of food. And the cat. And the cat looking at food.

I need to take a serious look at myself and re-evaluate my lifestyle choices.


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Cheers matey, it was taken with a Canon 6D mk2 and a 100-400 mk2, there may be a 1.4x tc in between em. I don’t have the exit to hand.
Superb. Bright sunny day would help keep the shutter speed high with low ISO but I still can't get over the detail - particularly if you had a TC in the middle too.

I think I can actually see him smiling in there - one eye seems a little more blue than the other also......