What was your first car?


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1. Micra
2. Punto
3. Fiesta

All wrecked because of floods. I will NEVER drive or attempt to drive through a flood again. Third car I parked my car at work. Went back to it and I couldn't start it. I had a bent cam rod or something. Installed a second hand engine and it just kept leaking oil. I decided enough was enough and bought a better car.

My current is a Fiesta 2010 TDCi Titanium


have you considered riding a bike? My insurance in the first year was only about £300 when I was on a small bike at age 20-ish. then my first big bike only cost me £500 insurance. Now as I'm 25 my insurance dropped massively and I'm fully comp for £200 on a 650cc sports/touring bike. It is the easiest way to get around and once you get on a bike, nothing else compares to it. However, it can get expensive with all the protection and gear you need, but you don't need to spend that much; Did you know that you could get on the road with a decent bike, gear/helmet, insurance, tax, mot and tests for less than your first year insurance on the car!



I just realized how old this thread is! My comment was replying to someone writing that their insurance was really expensive! :stupid: I'll leave it up though as many people don't know how much cheaper it 'can be' to ride a motorbike, and more often than not the whole cost of getting a bike on the road, including your tests is cheaper than just the insurance for a first time car driver.


I'll take car insurance over being exposed on a motorbike any day of the week :)

Fair enough haha. I commute into London on a motorbike and ride all year round, so it doesn't really bother me "too" much! :sweatdrop: During a very wet week last year, it was raining so hard that all I could think about was that scene in forest gump! At a set of lights the guy in the next lane rolled down his window and joked that he wouldn't want to be me right now. I laughingly replied, "my commute to the other side of London would be over in less than 30 minutes,but you'll be stuck in this traffic for hours!" The change on his face as he thought about his commute was brilliant!

It's tough and can be bloody miserable at times, but I wouldn't change it for the world. Better Jacket would be nice though! :scooter:

"And sometimes rain even seemed to come straight up from underneath. Shoot, it even rained at night.."


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A 1928 Austin Seven saloon - bought for £10 and sold it for £15 when the dreaded MOT (10 year test) appeared as I couldn't afford the parts needed.
If only ...

It had a crash gearbox and a clutch like an on-off switch!

Current transport is a Citroen 1982 GSA Pallas bought in 1997 and wife has a 1981 Citroen Dyane bought in 2003. That's been all over Europe camping with us.

We like cars that are comfortable, reliable and easy to maintain. And ones that don't have to be scrapped after ten years.



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1969 was before I was born, but did you purchase it during the summer? - coz I have heard Brian Adams going on and on about the 'Summer of 69'.
Not sure he mentioned an Austin Mini 850 anywhere in the song tho :/

*double checks... nope he didnt


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LOL it was summer i remember because i passed my test at 17, 3 days after my birthday in August, then got the car early sept it was creamy white with a brown faux leather webasto roof ;)


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My very first car was a blue MG Midget which I paid for after borrowing £400 from my parents , that was 1974 - then my parents persuaded me to buy a Morris Marina so that I could give some neighbours a lift to work !


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My first car was an 1987 Toyota Celica 2.0 GT Liftback . Red with 15" Alloy`s 140 Bhp and actually a decent car.


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It was an Austin A40 Countryman, registration 1952 ND. It wasn't quite in this condition though.....



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Hyundai i30 2010 FIFA Edition :D I feel like baby compared to some of you guys posting here lol :D


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1971 Hillman Imp, that I bought for £60 in 1985, that unfortunately didn't survive me getting lost driving down a country lane in thick fog, when a wild 90 degree bend suddenly appeared in front of me. Felt like I rolled the car about 10 times, reality I rolled it once.

First brand new car was a 1990 Fiesta XR2i when car insurance was still reasonable. Was 25 and paid £336 for car insurance including protected no claims.