What would you buy with £100?


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I figure most of us fall into roughly the same demographic so I figure you might have roughly the same interests and some cool ideas.

So you've got £100 to spend (on amazon, so they pretty much have everything) what would you get? i need to at least load it onto the account soon or it will expire and i really don't have much use for the £85 id get by selling it on ebay


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I need a new main furling line, a new topping lift, and the main and genoa halyards could do with replacing too. I might just do them all for £100...


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It wouldn't totally cover the costs, but I'd put it towards the new Kindle Voyager. Or if just to spend that exact amount, I could easily spend that on books, or maybe some board games (Civilization The Board game is wonderful, but I have all of those expansions. Maybe some expansions for Arkham Horror or Eldridge Horror. I obviously already own all the expansions for Firefly The Game).


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I'm obsessed with headphones at the moment, looking for studio quality over ears for music listening and production.

I'd shell out for a pair of Shure SRH-840's which are the magic blend between studio quality and home audio.