Whats the most time you've spent on a video game?



Goes for console games too.

For me:

Counterstrike: Source
Phantasy Star Online (Dreamcast, first console online MMO)
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarena of Time (N64)

If I could get the hours back I spent playing these games I'd be some kind of brain surgeon driving an Aston Martin on a high paid job *sigh...*


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rome total war and medieval total war! weeks and week. think i have spent whole summers before playing these two!


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probably Rome: Total War for me too. On console though it's either San Andreas or Lost Odyssey, excluding multiplayer.


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(Must be up around 300+ days played now...nowhere near some I know, but its still a lot :D )


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Um, I'm not sure I should admit to this:

EQ2 - my main character (that'd be Rakk) has well over a year logged against him (and thats played time, not just account age)


Probably WoW or currently RIFT. But I expect FF7 is somewhere way up there too. Spent SO much time on that game, loved it ^^

And DAMN Rakk, 1 year play time?! Mad...


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hmm thats a hard one i did play BF2 over 10 years but sadly i played WoW and im disgusted to say i had around 700 days played across all my characters.


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Ive seen posts about WoW and EQ and other MMOs where people show screenies of 1000 days played...its just scary! :D


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Overall probably WoW. My account is dead now, hacked after I stopped playing and now belongs to someone in Korea I believe so I can't find out accurately how much I played, but consider this - an average of 12 hours per day for at least 2 of the 3 years I played. For the final year of those 3 years I probably played it for an average of 6 hours per day as I was getting bored of it by that point and had done everything, was just playing because friends were. Something like 8 thousand hours.


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Ive seen posts about WoW and EQ and other MMOs where people show screenies of 1000 days played...its just scary! :D

Not really, I'm not surprised at all in fact, I can't recall the last guild I was in where there wasn't someone on benefits doing nothing but playing wow day in and day out, tax money going towards great causes, Sigh.
Think there were about 4 out of my last 10 man raiding group whom were online 24/7 and benefits.


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300 ish hrs on Fallout 3, around 250 on Fallout New vegas and i dare not count the hours spent on Rome Total War