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Where to find video plus cd player


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I’ve just factory reset my old Packard bell laptop. It was just full of junk, pop up and virus. Any personal info I wanted or needed was backed up. I’m trying to restrict the number and types of programs I’ll put onto the computer

There are two programs though I feel I do need: a dvd/cd player and I see I can pick defaults from control panel - hardware and sound - auto player, can you recommend.

I use my PC mainly for Microsoft Office, watching the occasional video, mostly educational, otherwise I use my iPad, in reality I don’t use the PC that much. Now this might sound silly, but if memory serves me right, there was a program where music, video, downloads were stores, I forget it’s name. Any idea what I’m talking about?

As I’ve said I want to restrict, as much as possible, what goes onto the PC could you suggest to me what are the essential I should have. Since the reset I’ve installed nothing but Office and a program called Anki

I’ve asked a lot so a very big thank you for any advice help offered