Which anti-malware tool should you use?

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The BSOD Doctor
The weakest component in a PC as far as security is concerned is the end user. Most malware actually arrives on PCs because the user unknowingly or carelessly allows it. It is true that vulnerabilities in some underlying technologies on which Windows is (or was) built can allow malware to spread (SMB v1 for example) but most malware needs to be invited in - just like vampires.

There is no security product that you can install that will completely protect your PC from you. The key to making yourself secure can be summed up in one word: discipline.

You have to train yourself to think ahead, to read all the screens when installing any software (and be sure you understand what they're saying), to never just click a button or leave a checkbox checked (or unchecked) without being certain you know what will happen, to only ever download software and drivers (especially drivers) from sources that you trust, to never ever click any link in an email - even if you believe that it's come from someone you trust, and to react the moment you see anything that doesn't look or feel right.

I cannot recommend strongly enough the discipline of taking an image of your system drive every night to external media. I use Macrium Reflect (free) and keep the last 7 images - so I can go back to any point in the last week. The moment things don't feel right, or I suspect that I might have acted unwisely, and particularly when I've been experimenting with odd bits of software that might be suspect, I restore the most recent image and if I'd introduced any malware I know now that it's gone completely. This is the single most effective way you can protect yourself against malware and having to go through a complete reinstall.

Security is a threefold process....

1. Install decent antimalware software, in the case of Windows then Defender and the Windows firewall are perfectly fine.

2. Take an image of your system drive every night (on a schedule) and keep more than one of these. These are you guaranteed way back.

3. Train yourself to be as disciplined as you can. Suspect everything and be certain before you trust anything.

The five P rule applies here - Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance.
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