Which GT 740M do PCS use?


Messing about the other day looking at a GT 740M spec for someone, noticed that there are actually two versions available, a GK107 and GK208. The former being quite a bit better.

"The gaming performance of the GeForce GT 740M depends on the used chip. Our benchmarks with a GK107 version show a performance just 10 percent below the GT 650M. Current games (as of 2013) can thus be played in medium to high settings. In older titles, there are also reserves for additional quality features like AA and AF. The GK208 version, however, performs significantly worse and is sometimes even below the GT 640M. Still, the performance depends on the core clock and the GPU Boost 2.0."

Source: notebookcheck

Can PCS confirm which one they stock?



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Ill check tomorrow for your Kruppsy, not sure off the top of my head and im not in the office right now.