Who's Your Team?

Stephen M

Up the gas!

My official team is Bristol rovers. I also follow spurs though because of certain family members..

It was a great shame to lose Eastville, especially as another sporting passion for me is speedway. They keep trying to reform a Bulldogs team but I don't know if they will ever manage it.


Liverpool FC born and bred tho' got a soft spot for Leeds as that's where i've lived for a long time.

Liverpool got taken apart by Arsenal today tho', i can see Arsenal winning the league, hopefully we'll get top 4, man u will just miss out on the europa league and the bs will get relegated.


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Rangers born and bred. It's in my blood.

Local team was St Johnstone who I like to see do well but I live in Glasgow now. In English football I like Chelsea but I wouldn't say I support them.


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Spurs, always have and always will be..... remember watching my first game at White Hart Lane, Spurs beat Wimbledon 1-0, Vinny Jones was in the Wimbledon line up....

Showing my age now lol