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Why are concert tickets so darn expensive???


Bright Spark
Just paid £117 for two tickets for my wife and son to see a pianist (Ludovico Einaudi) at Alexandra Palace.

They're not great seats (Circle Left) which is fine. As it's just going to be a bald Italian guy (who basically looks like a slightly better looking version of Larry David - Seinfeld/Curb....) sitting on a piano for a few hours playing.

But £117??? And Ticketmaster for similar seats was even more £££.

I'm not a big concert/festival goer (probably average one show every few years, if that) but I seriously find these prices extortionate!

Not to mention I logged onto various sites at 10am when the tickets went on sale and pretty much all said "Sold Out" within the first minute. Only for tickets to appear a few minutes later.

Rant over!


Aye that is an awful lot and its rubbish, but I guess that is just the price we need to pay? Ultimately things are only worth what folk are willing to pay for them... and it turns out folk are willing to pay a lot for concerts (and such like) currently :(


Ticketmaster are a cancer but it's shown a lot of venues that people are willing to pay a lot more

Luckily gig tickets to my kind of scene don't seem to have been caught up in this sort of stuff. I've paid £70 a ticket to go to shows the missus wants to see but most I've paid to see someone I like is like £25 I think.


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If it's not worth it, then people won't pay it.

If it's getting sold out, then there are obviously enough people (or bots) who think it is worth it.

No different to computers in reality. I bet lots of wives don't understand why their husbands are paying £1000 for a monitor when they have a perfectly good TV in front of them, or £1000 for an extra 5fps from the latest & greatest SuperTiFXPro GPU.