WiFi issues

So im new to pc gaming and I have some questions about the WiFi situation.

So my friend recently got one and they have had serious WiFi issues, WiFi being much slower than that of all other devices.

I'm aware of ethernet cables (I can't really run a 10 mile cable around the house!) So what's the alternatives?


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Is your friends pc a pcs machine?
If so, they will be able to help here, but the forums are meant for pcs prospective customers/owners.

If you're asking in terms of the system you intend to get, then there are some tips that might be useful, but until you actually have it there isnt much that can be done, as it will all depend on whats actually going on.

A lot of the time it can be down to drivers, positioning of the wifi hub (also the make/model of hub) and if the machine is properly set up with its antennas etc.... its very circumstantial.


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Worth checking the antenna is properly attached if WiFi performance is poor, but I think the PCS configurators default in a pretty poor Wireless card (single band 2.4ghz, 300mbps) so if they've got that they might want to upgrade to a more modern wireless card (PCS do an Intel AX200 dual band WiFi 6 card for about £19, if they've got a PCS system they can go into their account and choose Upgrades from there).