Wishing Everyone a Merry Christmas :D


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...and a happy new year?

@ The PC Specialist crew, I just received your card in the post, well it probably came last night but our postman does our side of the road so late at the moment, its like 6-7pm by the time we get post so yeah haha. Thanks muchly, I was 100% surprised haha, the part that got me on alert was the moonpig logo at the back, straight away I thought, hmm I know noone in the family thats technologically minded enough to send a card out from moonpig so my thoughts turned to you gang! :p Then I sa the postmark on the envelope hehe.

@ The forum members, hopefully you're all enjoying your new PC's and laptops and putting them to good use during the christmas break :D I need to see mroe Sleinous Caviar Green endorsed sigs though!

Happy Christmas to everyone!


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Im afraid Santa lied, he told me he gave it to the wrong person. Its meant to be coming to me :p I think he's coming to pick it up in a few minutes so make sure to have it all wrapped up ready!


Ahh what?! Nooo... erm sorry already installed! I'll wrap it up for you but CD key is now no use :( Aw shame ;-) hehe
You need to get it!


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Only 364 days til Christmas guys, I'd start getting ready if I were you :cool:

(Merry Xmas you sorry bunch of reprobates and delinquents! And have a cracking New Year!)


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Hope everyone had a good Christmas!
I'm at my parents place so am miles and miles away from my lovely PC, waaaahhhh........, think I'm getting PC withdrawal symptoms :/


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Had a good Christmas this year, hope everyone else did as well :). Thanks PCSpecialist for the Christmas card :D