Wrong Sata ports connected?


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Im really not sure if this poses a problem or not but i would feel better if someone in the know could help me out.

I had a look inside my pc and noticed that the DVD drive was connected to one of the SARA 3gb/s ports of my motherboard which is affected by the sandybridge issue.

I went on the asus website and got a hold of a tool to check it and indeed i was right.

Should i swap it to the other unaffected port? Maybe i have missed something could somone put me right?


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The sandy bridge issue was a degradation of performance over a long period of time and only affects a small amount of boards. That could cause a problem if a regularly used hard drive were attached but I don't see an optical drive causing a problem.


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OK, thanks for the reply, i will leave it as is.

A little knowledge is often a dangerous thing i suppose :(

Thanks again