WWDC and RealityOS???


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Well all, we're heading to that time of year again with WWDC happening next week on June 6th.

The big news this time, is that "RealityOS" has been found mentioned in the latest beta releases of IOS and MacOS.

The rumours are that this RealityOS is apples new Augmented Reality OS which they'll be using on their new AR headset.

Weather or not the headset is announced this WWDC, or just the development of the OS remains to be seen.

But RealityOS has been just been applied for a trademark by a new shell company called "Realityo Systems LLC" which happens to have a registered address of "Yosemite Research LLC" which was the shell company Apple used to trademark MacOS

This headset has been in the rumour mill for a long time now and something I'm very excited for. Weather it will be a business focussed tool for design purposes, or opened to the masses, either way, I'm excited to see what they can do.


We love you Ukraine
Also leaks from BHPhoto uploading a listing for a M2 Mac Mini and M2 Mac Mini Tower

This would be me set for the Mac Mini with M2, that's what I've been waiting for for Logic Pro work. Hopefully they've addressed the USB and bluetooth issues.


We love you Ukraine
M2 Chip announced, seems to be more graphics oriented rather than CPU power but they've upped the RAM to 24Gb at the top end rather than the existing 16Gb:

MacBook Air on M2: The M1 version heavily throttled so be interesting to see how this is different. This is a custom designed chassis whereas the previous was just M1 placed in the existing Intel chassis. 13.6" screen, 500Nits, impressive colour gamut. Damn notch for the camera!!! $1199

13" Macbook Pro on M2: Looks like the existing chassis, I could be wrong, looks like a refresh rather than a new design, has much larger bezels as on the current and unlike the new Air. They didn't hype up this model very much. $1299

MacOS Ventura is the new version: Some nice updates to Apple Mail. Doing away with passwords, moving to Biometrics or MFA authentication called "Passkeys", this isn't specific to Apple, all the big guys are pushing for this. This is across all OSes, mobile and AppleTV. They pushed "continuity" between mobile OS and Mac, but other than that, the OS updates seem shiny improvements rather than usable feature upgrades. I'm sure there's further optimisation for Apple Silicon that they perhaps didn't mention.

Gaming: No Mans Sky coming to Mac, Resident Evil Village also, they're obviously making a far bigger push into mainstream AAA titles. I think they'll continue to try to buy out game studios in the coming years, they recognise the potential market here that they're currently missing out on, and Apple Silicon has made it viable.

iPadOS 16: Generally fluffy stuff again. They keep referencing "Continuity" focussing that these new tools work across MacOS, and iPadOS/IOS. Stage Manager is a new multitasking feature which is on MacOS also, does look far better than the current implementation, up to 8 apps open at once. Also better external display support.

Across all devices, there's new collaborative work tools on documents, basically sharepoint for Mac, only took 20 years, Apple!

No Mac Mini!!! Damn. The wait continues. Perhaps nearer September.
The Studio is awesome, but I just have no requirement for that graphics power, totally useless for my uses.
Yes, but...ULTRA!!!!!

Need is irrelevant...WANT is more important :ROFLMAO:

Wonder if there'll be a plug'n'play upgrade available so that I can swap an M2/M3/M4 into mine :unsure: (it's Apple, so less than a snowball in hell's chance).