WWE/Wrestling Anyone?

Hey everyone, just want to know if anyone here is an avid wrestling fan?

Especially after an interesting Hell In A Cell PPV last night, very interesting show.
Don't be silly, we're nerds, not losers.

I jest, I tend to watch it regularly although I Sky+ it and FF through the drivel.

My thoughts on last night were:

Orton's RKO counter was epic,
Hell No bore me now, they should have lost the belts,
Sheamus vs Big Show was surprisingly good, glad Show lost though disappointed Ziggler didn't cash in his MITB Briefcase,
Sin Cara is useless b ut seeing him get ragged around by Titus was enjoyable,
Diva's match was a snore, though they all looked good,
Kofi vs Miz was OK, Glad Kofi won,
Cesaro bores me, though his finisher on the outside looked brutal,

And finally the main event, I really enjoyed it, Ryback was dominant and the having a ref screwjob with the lowblow and both the ref and Punk holding him down for a quick pin was a good way to Ryback looking strong in defeat and whenever they climb the cell you know something good is going to happen.


Bright Spark
I do watch the WWE yep. It's been interesting to see how they've reacted to Cena being injured and imo they do need to build up more main event stars. The main event was OK but they should've had 2 Hell in a Cell matches, it's the name of the PPV and it happens once a year.
I think they should reveal that Punk or Heyman knew about the ref cuz it just gives them more heat as heels. Not knowing about it kinda makes Punk look weak cuz he was clearly gonna lose that match without the interference.

Also I agree Big SHow vs Sheamus was the best match and I can't believe I'm actually typing that :p
Oh yeah, I was worried when Show/Sheamus was announced, but damn did they pull out a great match. The ending I though was one of the most original endings I have seen for a while. Punching someone so that there own momentum essentially screws them over. Brilliant! Plus Big Show showing how much the World Title meant too him when he won was great. What a great great match!

I can only assume come Survivor Series when they have the 5 on 5 which was announced on Raw, the ref in question (Brad Maddox) Will somehow make an appereance and somehow give Punk the victory leading to the eventual Rock/Punk match at the Rumble which I pray Punk beats Rock.

I thought Hell In A Cell was a brilliant PPV!


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Hmm yup I watched it many, many years ago. If I remember correctly during days of extremely popular Undertaker and Papa Shango.... then I found out it's all just for show aka it's arranged and not real. It lost it's magic for me and I never watched it again.