x99 platform is here.


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For anyone who hasn't noticed, the X99 Platform is now live.

For the first time in what feels like ages, the enthusiast grade chips now make some sense. More cores, DDR4, extra PCIe lanes without paying Xeon prices.

From what I've seen the 5820k look to be a really nice chip and I can see myself advising people to go for it. Even the big daddy 8 core 5960x looks like it could worth the money in the right rig, but I'm not too sure I would advise many people to go for it.

Anyway, does anyone else see themselves venturing into the i7 extreme configurator when someone wants a full on video editing or 3d modelling rig? I think I will be.


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I am, I was told in insomnia that PCS may offer watercooled systems so patiently waiting for it. I believe the x99 motherboard can also support additional SATA ports.


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This is the first major step up for quite a while it seems like. Ddr4 in itself is exciting. I think, like you say, there's currently only high end media editing that's going to really warrant the power, but it's nice to see a proper step up!