Zen 3 APUs now available


Zen 3 APUs are now available in the configurator, which is excellent news. They are the 5600G (slightly lower performance compared to the 5600X, halfway decent graphics, £14 cheaper than the 5600X) and the unappealing 5700G (who's it even for?).

The reviews are decent and they are clearly far and away the best iGPU solutions available as of right now, far, far surpassing Intel's offering. Not a patch on a dGPU, of course, but so, so much cheaper. They also perform well with a dGPU added (I think the reviews are disguising how well by testing them on the top line graphics cards, which is very unrealistic) so are a very appealing prospect for a budget system that might be upgraded later.

There seems to be some suggestion that faster RAM helps them (as the RAM acts as video memory), but I'm not sure whether 3200 CL16 Vs 3600 CL18 would come out to the same stalemate as normal...